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World Wide Web Interactive Development

Innovative Marketing For The Information Age

Why the Web is Here To Stay

By Larry Alger@ALGERCOM...
So what is this Internet? Simply put, the Net is real time global access computer networking. The practical application of the graphical portion of the Internet, the World Wide Web, is still in the formative stage. Although simple advertising uses are the logical first steps for the Web, the advanced technology companies are pushing the development so fast that this first stage is already in transition. I am of the opinion that very soon many PCs around the world will be opening up directly into the Internet connection software, running on top of the base operating systems such as MS DOS, Windows or System 7. Accepted networking standards are being challenged by the Internet. Why spend money and effort to run the wires between all the computers in ANY company when the phone company's lines are already there? The phone company's lines everywhere already lead to the Internet.

So far, the Web is mostly a gallery of pictures and words hung up for those with the technology and the skill set to see and hear. While marketing on the Web will probably never be the only component in any company's mix, it eventually will have an impact on every consumer and business with a computer and a phone line. The Web is still undefined, much as television was in 1949 or radio in the early 20's, and its impact is still impossible to measure.

However, as public access to this medium increases, the potential for practical application grows too. The Web seems to be growing at an a rate of sheer numbers that is unprecedented in world history. While radio and tv quickly spread far and wide after their initial introductions, the Web's growth is even more astounding. No one has accurate growth figures to date because the net is truly beyond any government or private accountancy, but we can see the collateral marketing efforts and the excitement of the business community to commit funds to the Net and the Web. Just like the other great technology breakthroughs in human communications, the telephone, radio and television, real time global access computer networking is here to stay.

To that end, I have put together a select group of people that share this vision. They know that real time global access computer networking is here to stay. The Web will continue to expand until it has pushed the frontiers of human productivity to unimagined levels, and of necessity it will expand to a majority of the world's population. In the words of Paul Simon: "These are the days of miracle and wonder... these are the days of lasers in the jungle, lasers in the jungle somewhere." Someday a few years off, somewhere out there in the jungles of the world, downlinks will being the Web into corners of our world where people still hunt with spears. It WILL happen.

We at ALGERCOM all know this will happen. It excites us and offers a scope of achievement possibilities unprecedented in our experience. I cannot say for sure how the Web will look in a few years, but right now it looks like the place to be explored and shaped. The artists, network professionals, expert programmers, telecommunications analysts, marketing pros and skilled business managers that have come together with me to form ALGERCOM feel that way too. The Web is the place to BE...

Of course the ALGERCOM team can design a good looking Web Site, but so can some of the others working this beat. The difference between us and any other Web consulting and Site development company is that our team of visionaries is working to use the Web as an operating system to change the way your company will do business. We offer the unique visions of the Web as a new OS, and our ALGERCOM team will bring these visions to your enterprise. What exactly can we do for your company?

When you introduce yourself to us@ALGERCOM, we will design a program for you that will give your business advantages in productivity. Thank you.

Larry Alger/Web Visionary SG

Larry Alger.... Team Leader~ Energy Source

  • Over twenty-five years sales experience in manufacturing, distribution and retail
  • Production of TV ads as well as Technical and Promotional Video
  • Sale Management and Sales Training
  • Trade Show Coordination
  • Over twelve years applying Information Systems to Marketing Programs
  • Over seven Years On Line/Cyber Experience

Uriel Sigala... High Tech Network Guru ~ Web Demi-God

  • Over ten years experience in IS Administration DOS/WINDOWS MAC UNIX NOVELL
  • Over eight years On Line/Cyber Experience
  • Over seven years experience in Networking Information systems including installation
  • Provides High Level International Contacts for ANY Information System Project
  • IS Management for Large Cell Animation Company

Greg Capano... Artistic Genius ~ Musical/MIDI Demi-God

  • Has Scored Film, TV and Radio Projects
  • Award Winning Corporate Identity Design
  • SYSEX Programmer, DOS/WINDOWS MAC AMIGA Multi Platform Performer
  • Creative Illustration for Books Periodicals Catalogs and Brochures
  • Over five years of On Line/Cyber Experience

Marianne Voragen... Marketing Professional ~ Presentation Expert

  • Over fifteen years multi-million dollar sales producer in Real Estate
  • Nine years as Broker/Owner of successful RE/MAX Franchise
  • Twenty years IS experience including high level WAN
  • Over ten years On Line/Cyber Experience

Ken Kleinfelter... Tight-fisted Project Manager ~ Business Ace

  • Over thirteen years as Project Management for major Aerospace Firm
  • Directed Facility and Personnel for Sensitive and Mission Critical Services
  • Always On Budget and On Time
  • Over eight years On Line/Cyber Experience

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