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Objective:   I seek interesting projects in Power-Sports, New Media, and Video Production areas.

Business History:

From 1975 through 1983, I built and operated a Los Angeles based mobile video and audio recording studio (On The Spot Recording) and a silk-screen print business focused on entertainment business merchandising (T-shirt Graphics). Since 1983, as sales and marketing professional, I have created and applied computer based hardware and software solutions to real world business challenges. In 1993 I added Windows based computers to my Apple II and Mac computer knowledge. My marketing experience includes numerous print collateral pieces, hundreds of national print advertisement layouts, both television and radio spot production, and planning print and electronic media buys. From behind and in front of the camera I have produced, shot, edited, and appeared in hundreds of hours of industrial and Youtube videos. Supervising the design and deployment of customer service programs and direct response marketing matrixes required my use relational databases and high level programmers. My working understanding of the INTERNET is a strong asset. My Internet sales, planning, development and deployment experience includes over 200 web sites since Feb.. 1995. I have the desire and discipline it takes to work without close supervision and produce great results. My online experience began with direct Telnet/BBS systems from 1988, about six years before there was a World Wide Web. My online history includes thousands of hands on hours with telnet, html, FTP, and search engine placement. For some historical perspective, please consider a piece I authored in Feb.. '95 titled "Why the Internet Is Here To Stay" by accessing

In 1995 I founded AAA World Web, a new media company, and in 1996 developed held jointly by myself and a client who passed on in a tragic accident in early 1997. I have sold power sports accessories from this web site continuously ever since. In 2007 I relocated back to Southern California and have enjoyed living a simi-retired lifestyle, creating web and video projects for myself and a few select clients.

Employment over last 25 years:

January 2007 to Present Self Employed at AAA World Web Inc.

April 2000 to January 2006  Call & Associates Principal partner in NW Iowa based regional advertising and marketing agency.

November 1997 to March 2000:  Spencer Daily Reporter Newspaper Spencer, IA: Web Press Marketing Specialist. This was a marketing and outside sales position. I established the newsprint Tab advertiser client base, such as Shoppers Supply and Nielsen's Tire. My position was consolidated when the company was sold by the Edwards Publishing Co. to Community Newspaper holdings. Salary expenses and commissions.

July 1995 to November 1997: AAA World Web Design: Marketing Consultant/Internet Web Site Developer Developed Fairfield County CT Online, Templates for Online Portugal in 1995.

June 1993 to June 1995:   The Law Offices of Russ Brown Jr. Los Angeles, CA Marketing Director, IT Manager. 1993 updated computer network (UNIX terminals to PC Novel). 1994 95 directed post-production of 30 second TV commercials. 1993-95 administered a database of over 300,000 association members. 1994-95 bought national print and television spots for 300 associate attorneys. 1995 coordinated national field staff. 1995 developed content for company web site. Salary plus benefits package.

May 1986 to May 1993:  Motorvation Engineering, Montrose, CA Marketing Director; Directed sales and marketing. Purchased materials and services. Bought advertising produced promotional and industrial videos. Computerized the business using a Macintosh platform. The computer project included accounting, inventory, marketing and sales operations. Commission and Sales override.

Education - IT Skill Sets

Graduated Glendale High School Glendale, CA in 1970.

US Air Force electronics and aircraft instruments schools. Honorably discharged (Hardship) in 1972.

Attended Glendale College full time from 1973 to 1975 and majored in Business Administration, with studies in Economics and Political Science. Glendale College, video production courses 1991-1993.

IT Skill Sets: From Apple ProDOS to Mac OSX and Windows 7, from Lotus to Excel, Word Perfect to MS Word, Photoshop to Paintshop Pro, Quark, Adobe In-Design, Dreamweaver to Final Cut Pro, Ive used numerous types and brands of software in varied business, design and creative applications.  I have extensive experience with Youtube video marketing, as well as Google search placement, AdWords and Facebook advertising as well.  I have my own studio for new media video production:


  • Frank Block, President of Proto Tools Inc. client and supplier to of Rampage Lifts  See 925-405-0365

  • Scott Biernot, President Industrial Fencing Co., client
    See   800-535-3503

  • Alexander Evans, AKA Dr. Neon, Artist Inventor Fabricator  client
    See   800-875-6366

  • Ernie Havner, President air compressor distributor, client
    See   866-924-7822

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